Growing Up in Charlotte Fashion

What’s better than photographing a baby? Getting to document her growth for 19 months! We were there from the beginning. It’s so rewarding when we get to take two passions, photography and paper and create something fabulous for clients.

Alder Paper Birth Announcement / Photography all by Kelsey Freeman

Alder Paper Birth Announcement / Photography on birth announcement by Bella Baby Photography

Kelsey enjoys getting to establish real relationships with clients. Clients quickly become friends. After all, she is being invited to take part in some of the most intimate moments in their lives. She quickly gets familiar with their style, passions and dreams. That’s why her photographs and Alder Paper custom stationery are able to express the story the client is trying to tell.

Charlotte at 3 Months

Charlotte at 3 Months // Photos by Kelsey Freeman



First of all, if you plan on having a child, photography should be worked into the planning! You want good documentation of the your baby’s first year and maybe even the maternity stage!

Growth happens so fast in one year! You will be amazed at how much changes between 3 months and 9 months- we are talking- movements, hair, teeth, size, face, and well….EVERYTHNG! So do you want to leave capturing all those milestones to you and your spouse? After all, you have a busy, full life with a new baby.

Cell phone photos are great for your everyday activities, but if you are looking for those special images to share with family and friends or to hang on your wall, a professional photographer is the answer.

Charlotte at 3 Months

The artwork hung over her crib was created by her mom.


Not only does Kelsey Freeman have 8 years of infant/child photography under her belt, but she has also been a nanny of three little ones for 5 years. It is very important to choose a photographer who is comfortable with children and is able to make them feel comfortable.



 We fell in love with the girly room decor including the printed fabric stuffed elephant and pig. So cute.



At 6 months, Charlotte looks like such a big girl in her vintage rocking chair. Brown really suits her.

Six Months

Six Months

Keeping the same photographer for their first year is crucial to developing a stress free shoot. At this early stage in their lives, babies are more comfortable being around the people they know the most. An amazing connection with the child can develop after just a couple of sessions. They open up and become more themselves because they feel that familiarity.

If you want to make a wall gallery or a photo book, you will want the photos to be consistent in style and feel. Since each photographer has his or her own style, it’s important to have a cohesive “story” of the first year.

One Year Old!

One Year Old!

Lastly, a photographer can become a lifelong friend- someone you can call when you have an event coming up like holidays, birthdays or milestones in the child’s life. By building a relationship with your photographer, you can feel comfortable telling them exactly what you want and do not want.

Alder Paper Invitation

Alder Paper Invitation – First Birthday Party

IMG_7191IMG_7418 How much fun to look over these pictures and see how she’s grown. Senior pictures will be here before we know it.

Kelsey would love to become your family photographer! It is a passion of hers to make the personality of your child come alive in a photograph. Contact her at to learn more about pricing and booking!

Paper Products: Alder Paper Company / Photography: Kelsey Freeman Creative / Photography on birth announcement by Bella Baby Photography

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